A yoga myth, the Bhagavad Gita lays out the yogic world view, and explains paradox, in the form of a tale of a prince, Arjuna, reluctantly facing battle. A manifestation of the godhead in the form of Krishna, acting as Arjuna’s chariot driver, explains why things appear as they do. Arjuna says to Krishna, “My mind is in confusion because in thy words I find contradictions.”

Yogic understanding of 'paradox' explained in 'Bhagavad Gita' through Krishna and Arjuna

Yogic understanding of ‘paradox’ explained in ‘Bhagavad Gita’ through Krishna and Arjuna

As you become more your self and see through your own eyes, the phenomenon of paradox becomes more prevalent. You exercise free will, but recognize a grand design and destiny. Things are the way they are supposed to be this moment, but they should be better.

This is yoga’s higher level of understanding —paradox. The world is trying to pin things down, but you perceive different strata of reality. Light can be both a wave and a pulse. Yoga reveals different dimensions have different rules. We can live in the same world, the physical universe, but, depending on our level of spiritual development, we experience different realities. Many teachers, Jesus as an example, perform what seem miracles, manifestations of a deeper awareness of the natural order. They tell us this is our birthright, to gain this greater awareness.


Latent Kundalini energy, potent negatively charged apana, reposes in the lowest esoteric center of the body. Pictured as a serpent coiled in the area analogous to the tailbone, it blocks the portal to liberation, the Sushumna.

The yogi entices Kundalini energy up the spine

The yogi entices Kundalini energy up the spine

The sleeping coiled serpent is awakened by the tapas (heat of devotion) of the yogi. The female goddess, in her serpent form, then begins to uncoil opening the door of the channel to the Absolute. The yogi, utilizing the skills learned through much sincere and diligent practice, entices the Kundalini energy up the spine through the Sushumna. Each successive chakra is entered and aroused, provoking full expression of each chakra’s distinctive attributes and further encouraging the ascent, until the crown of the head is pierced and the thousand petal lotus is entered. This is the locus of the static point of the positive, masculine psycho-spiritual energy, the male god, Shiva. This is complete union, the fullest expression of yoga, perfect and unique to yoga. Unlike other spiritual practices, it includes the body. Not only is the mind transcended, the body is illuminated and experienced as the body of the divine. The physical plane is entwined in the higher realms. The ideal of liberation combines with worldly enjoyment.


Spiritual growth takes a lot of energy. The yogi is trying  to conserve energy, create more energy, and direct life force towards higher goals. Meditation can make us much more efficient. The time we devote to meditation is paid back many times over. The importance of being aware enough to see what is really going on can’t be overstated. A lot of time and effort can be squandered when viewing reality from a diminished perspective.

weight loss through yoga

weight loss through yoga


Our world is a mess. We are killing each other, starving our children, robbing the future and destroying our mother planet. At any stage of our spiritual development, we can get stuck along the way. The only salvation is to raise our vibrational frequency. This is a personal responsibility. A personal undertaking. It involves WORK.

Each spiritual day (48 hours) each of us needs to have the discipline to do asana, pranayama, and meditation. This is necessary to prevent crystallization, create the necessary energy, awareness, focus — and mainly to reside for awhile as a higher expression of our Self.

No church, teacher, alien benefactor, or lover can do this for us.



I call upon my indigo star-seed angel chosen friends to make the effort — look inside. Trust only direct experience.  Do the work to tear down the structures preventing full divine personal expression. Just because we’ve made some relative progress, we are not safe from self-congratulatory delusion.