735178_4227949816911_1083566757_nThink of this seventh dimension as an altar where spiritual energy, processed up through the chakras, is offered to the Divine and accepted with unqualified love. The intensity of that acceptance, or love, further stimulates the spiritual oscillations, further refining them, causing their ascent. Imagine love so great, our concept of love doesn’t begin to approach it: completeness, understanding, beauty and joy so transcendent, it surpasses our cognition.

As on the physical plane, a food chain exists with higher life forms taking sustenance from lower life forms. This is the reason for our being, the answer to the meaning of life. Through the efforts we put forth achieving spiritual growth, we refine coarse vibrations into finer energy, nourishment for the gods. The Higher Powers become aware of an individual providing a substantial amount of refined vibrations and actively assist that individual towards their own benefit.734893_296363553820488_122123231_n

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