Focus your attention at the base of your spine. Establish a point of awareness in the blood and tissues, feeling energy accumulating and increasing like an electrical charge. The vital saltiness of your blood, so like the primordial sea from which life arose. The electricity is awash in the correct combination of chemicals and nutrients. A spark! The spark of life. A single cell is the point of your awareness; a living being receiving stimulus from its immediate surroundings through chemical molecular attractions and repulsions. Attracted toward what feels good, it avoids what is unpleasant. Sunlight streams through the salty liquid from above like consciousness streaming down. The cell can use this energy supporting its life, a sun eater.

Basking in the sunlight of your mindfulness, this sentient being prospers, growing, stretching the bounds of its cell walls. This sensation of expanding wellbeing increases, becoming sensual. This sensuality radiates out from the point of awareness, pleasurably arousing the sex organs. The focus is upon a seed bathed in vitality. Joyfully, the seed sprouts roots to absorb the enjoyment. Energy converges on the lower spine and radiates out between the legs. The labia and testicles, flooded with awareness and blood, pleasurably take notice of themselves.

As the awareness increases, so does the pleasure, further stimulating awareness. The seed gathers energy and splits, sending up a sprout as the waves of electrical pleasure radiate up the vagina and the penis becomes engorged with blood and starts expanding. The seed pushes its roots deeper into the nourishment, drawing up fulfillment. Its stem pushes upward through the salty red liquid. The vagina opens, yearning with desire for more of the pleasure. As the penis swells, parting her lips, it moves deeper and upward into the warm wetness — the greater the sensation, the greater the ecstasy, the greater the focus. The vagina welcomes the engorged shaft until the intumescence parts the cervix.541421_485141444882147_2111622326_n

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