Attributes of each chakra can be experienced when centered and still with attention focused inward. It might be noticed, for example, that each area of attention is accompanied by a tone. That tone becomes higher pitched as focus travels from the lower to higher chakras. Similarly, visualization of each chakra might be awash in a hue – the lower chakras with deep reds, then oranges, then yellows and up the spectrum as consciousness ascends the levels. This association can be explained by contemplating how we’ve come to understand nature works. Our very limited understanding of the universe shows that nature repeats herself, using the same solutions on ever-grander scales in the creation of our reality. By observing phenomena within the narrow range of our senses, knowing that we can visually perceive a very small part of the light spectrum, and are only physically equipped to hear a tiny portion of the waves we call sound, we can carry our understanding beyond what we can personally experience, knowing that patterns repeat themselves. All energy expresses itself in waves. By observing and reflecting on the small portion of the wave lengths accessible to our physical sense organs, we can make assumptions about energy not so plainly perceived. A relationship becomes apparent between spiritual energy and energy on the physical plane. In tune at various levels, the wave lengths correspond or harmonize.

The physical evolution of the species on earth has a parallel pattern in the development of a human child in the uterus. A single cell divides into groups of cells that specialize into organs, nerves, bone, etc. Some cells specialize to become the ever more complex nervous system and brain, wiring and intelligence necessary to direct all of the cells. A similar pattern of increasing complexity and refinement can be observed when awareness travels up through the chakras, a condensation of our spiritual evolution.

An issue that should be discussed before we begin our meditation is fear. There may be unresolved anguish over the unknown, reservations about completely letting go, distrust or a feeling of vulnerability. It’s helpful to remember the natural tendency of life in the universe to evolve to a higher order. By facing our fears we come to understand them for what they are and, in effect, defuse them.

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