3849_456636117723283_2145845636_nTHE SEVEN VEILS

The benefits of meditation are extolled without much conversation about the mechanics. This is one example of kundalini meditation, explaining how it is performed. In practice, each meditation is unique, reflecting the individual and her/his growth through contemplation.

The object is to focus the attention on the lower spine and to move that attention up the back in stages. The eight stages are chakras. The first chakra is at the base of the spine. The second is located on the spine behind the navel; the third on the spine behind the diaphragm; the fourth behind the heart; the fifth in back of the base of the throat; the sixth centered behind the eyes; the seventh, just above the top of the head. The eighth chakra is located above that.

Attention is maintained through visualization. This meditation is a suggested series of images to focus awareness in each of the chakras in turn. You are urged to accept them without prejudice. The images are to evoke contemplation within each stage and are drawn from a wide variety of sources. Hopefully you can utilize each image as a tool, inspiring insights, knowing the images are only tools and not absolute. After accepting these images and exploring the thoughts they provoke, you’ll want to create images expressing your own perceptions.

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