Moving into and holding various configurations of the physical body as part of the practice of yoga is called asana. When people in the West think of yoga, this narrow range of the total discipline commonly comes to mind. In Sanskrit, ‘asana’ translates as ‘seat’ or ‘seat next to the teacher’, expressing the need to be comfortable in the body before other learning can commence.

weight loss through yoga

weight loss through yoga

Asana practice improves health, strength, flexibility and balance. The lymphatic system of the body needs movement and the flexing of muscles to propel lymph fluids through the body. All the components of the body need to be exercised to maintain optimum function. Without stimulation they tend to atrophy.


Yoga sees the human body is a finely tuned, finely balanced vessel for awareness. Multitudes of balanced chemical and functional relationships are requisite for our being. Just as the earth revolves in its perfect orbit without the coaching of our minds, so our infinitely complicated bodies draw upon a higher order.

Yoga sees the body as a finely balanced vessel for awareness — weight loss through yoga

“Yoga sees the body as a finely balanced vessel for awareness” —  Weight Loss Through Yoga



You are being let in on a big secret. This shouldn’t be a secret, but it is: ‘enlightened’ and ‘relaxed’ mean the same thing. They are synonymous. We are easing into liberation of the full expression of ‘Self’. If you had the capacity to fully let go, you would literally fall into the perfect expression of your being. Since enlightenment is so infrequent, the ability to completely relax appears to be very rare.

yoga teaches relaxation so we can let go, realizing full expression of 'Self'

yoga teaches relaxation so we can let go, realizing full expression of ‘Self’



From the conclusion of the meditation with the Morning Ritual presented as a way to start each day to receive the benefits offered in the introductory chapters of Weight loss Through Yoga, Jewel in the Lotus:

After eight exhales, inhales and pauses, consciousness floats above the head and the attention is focused on a beautiful THOUSAND PETAL LOTUS (water lilly) that is so strikingly pure white, it radiates all the colors of the spectrum.

Do a final eight cycles of pranayama. Realize the lotus starts in the mud at the bottom of the pond, grows up through the muddy water to the surface and opens, a beautiful unblemished white, basking in the sun.

A Thousand White Petal Lotus so pure and brilliant-it shines with all the colors of the spectrum-Weight Loss Through Yoga, Jewel in the Lotus

A Thousand White Petal Lotus so pure and brilliant-it shines with all the colors of the spectrum-Weight Loss Through Yoga, Jewel in the Lotus

Breathe normally and swing the arms overhead in a wide arc.

Bring the palms together capturing the purity. [Photo 22] Capture the radiant white in your palms.

Then slowly pull your hands down to rest on the crown of the head. [Photo 23] The radiant white mixes with the ultra violet. The elbows extend wide.

To have instruction on completing the entire Morning Ritual, see Weight Loss Through Yoga, Jewel in the Lotus. Chapter 3, pages 37 through 42.


RISHIKESH, INDIA — the home of yoga. Weight Loss Through Yoga, Jewel in the Lotus

Me and my good friend and teacher, Fran Gallo, just below the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains, where the river Mother Ganga, splits the city of Rishikesh — connected by two narrow suspension  bridges. Here the Ganga is a rushing torrent of fresh clean mountain runoff.

 River Ganga — Weight Loss Through Yoga, Jewel in the Lotus

River Ganga — Weight Loss Through Yoga, Jewel in the Lotus

This is considered the home of yoga and has the greatest concentration of sadhu, who have renounced worldly life to spend their time in contemplation, meditation, and the practice of yoga. More wealthy devotees, who have families, occupations, and haven’t divorced  themselves from worldly concerns, donate money to support the temples that feed and shelter the renouncers. (males — sadaka, females — sadhika).

It can be a tempting thought, to renounce all worldly concerns, practice yoga and quietly sit in peaceful meditation — listening to the melodious eternal flow of this most spiritual river.


65622_10151690193831328_1331191474_nIn the lower core of the body, between the anus and the navel, a unique form of pranic energy,’apana’ in Sanskrit, is found. It is concerned with the assimilation of food, waste removal, and sexual function. Apana is also the energy that pushes us out of the womb during birth and is often referred to as pelvic prana. Apana is involved with material existence, but carries the latent potential to transform into spiritual energy.

When we focus our attention on an area of the body, we energize the object of our attention. ENERGY FOLLOWS ATTENTION.


Our success as a species is largely due to our intelligence, out capacity for thought. The mind has become very good at what it does. Success has spurred it on to greater aspirations. Now it wonders if it would be better off on its own, and teases itself with notions of a virtual reality. The mind entertains itself with imaginings of ‘everything ‘ just being thought. It forgets the requisite coalescence that allows it to exist, making consciousness and thought possible. To state it mildly, the mind has thought itself into a state of imbalance. Yoga reveres balance.

Yoga Maintains Balance Over the Mind

Yoga Maintains Balance Over the Mind

Yoga reveres balance.


Many people have told me they are the lightest they’ve ever been, and feel the best they’ve ever felt when they practice yoga. If you do yoga regularly with a group of people, you can watch them transform. This applies both to people who are just starting their practice, and to people who have done yoga for years, who seem to go on to ever-finer levels of beauty. It is not superficial. Rather, it is a peeling away of the meretricious constructs that cover the perfect expression of Divinity that is our true nature.