522529_279120852191180_1202913849_nSimultaneously, the stem shaft of our plant breaks the surface of the water, basking in the warm orange light of the sun as it filters through the dawn atmosphere above. The plant stem opens, releasing two beautiful leaves that rest and bob on the water in the warm sunlight like the leaves of a lily. The water gently rocks the lotus leaves. The water below, the sky above. The vagina contracts, savoring more stimulation, causing the penis to throb with increased feeling. The vagina contracts in response, the penis swelling again with its good fortune. The two work together and against each other behind the navel, contracting and expanding. Duality exists in all its forms of expression: in and out; soft and hard; male and female; the relationship represented by the yin yang and either/or thinking. The one is made aware of itself through interaction with the other.

Sexual yearning intensifies; the waves undulate, rocking our lily. A carnal exclamation rises from the soul. All is beautiful lust as a tidal wave of passion breaks. The vagina pulls all creation in as the penis explodes, bursting with ecstasy. The union is complete. The two become three as great spurts of sperm splash mixing with the orgasmic cervical secretions and a wondrous blossom opens. A lovely lotus flower with a thousand white petals holds its face up to the sun. The sun looks down on the lily with warm rapture and the lotus follows the suns nurturing rays back to their source above and behind the diaphragm.


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