Praise for Jewel in the Lotus

Standing Yoga Pose

Jewel in the Lotus is a wonderful, thoughtful, and hopeful book. The writing style is lively and compelling, easily traversing from the cosmic to the psychological. I recommend this book highly.”

“This is an important book. It looks at how the body works, what it means to be human and our place in the universe. It concisely explains how to use that knowledge to find and maintain your proper weight.”

"An amazing achievement and great gift to the world. Inspiring and thorough."

Vertical Rule

A full-color manual with over 140 photographs and illustrations.

Complementary audio of Yoga Nidra
and Kundalini meditations:

Yoga Nidra Download the Yoga Nidra

Be guided beyond the plane of the five senses to gain a new perspective that cannot be obtained when you are functioning in the limited world of the time-space dimension.
(1 hour and 5 minutes / 45.5 Mb)

Kundalini meditation Download the Kundalini meditation

Travel your interior landscape on a journey of transcendence. Sharing unique imagery, ascend the chakras to the home of your destiny. (37 minutes / 25.6 Mb)

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