YOGA UNDERSTANDS: the Chemistry of Love


Yoga doesn’t disagree with modern Western Science, but has deeper understanding of the natural world.

Yoga teaches the color of the fourth chakra, the Heart Center, is green.

Life on the physical plane, making higher levels of individual consciousness ( LOVE ) possible on earth, draws its energy from the sun. Chlorophyll is the molecule that absorbs sunlight and uses that energy to synthesize carbohydrates from CO2 and water — photosynthesis. The energy of sunlight is transformed into the energy of food. [ In Sanskrit of yoga: ‘anna’ means food, the physical body is the Annamaya Kosha.]

Chlorophyll, a photoreceptor found in the chloroplasts of green plants , obtains energy from red and blue parts of the spectrum and reflects the unused green wave lengths — making green plants green.

The chemistry is a reaction between carbon dioxide and water with sunlight as the catalyst. This produces glucose and a waste product — oxygen. The green plant can use the glucose sugar as energy or polymer it to store as starch.

6CO2 + 6H2O     > chlorophyll & sunlight >     C6 H12 O6     +     6O2      (glucose + oxygen)

The waste oxygen is used by plants and animals for respiration. All animals are dependent on plants, through the food chain, for sustenance.

weight loss through yoga, jewel in the lotus

weight loss through yoga, jewel in the lotus




Our success as a species is largely due to our intelligence, out capacity for thought. The mind has become very good at what it does. Success has spurred it on to greater aspirations. Now it wonders if it would be better off on its own, and teases itself with notions of a virtual reality. The mind entertains itself with imaginings of ‘everything ‘ just being thought. It forgets the requisite coalescence that allows it to exist, making consciousness and thought possible. To state it mildly, the mind has thought itself into a state of imbalance. Yoga reveres balance.

Yoga Maintains Balance Over the Mind

Yoga Maintains Balance Over the Mind

Yoga reveres balance.

TARA — Yoga Symbol

YOGA MYTHOLOGY    Said to have appeared when the Buddha of Compassion shed a tear overwhelmed by all the suffering he saw humanity experiencing. The tear became Tara who offered to aid in the task of relieving misery. She represents all the positive feminine attributes and feels special empathy towards her sisters. Buddha represented in her feminine form, Tara translates ‘star’ and ‘sister’ from the Sanskrit. Coming in many forms symbolized by different colors signifying emphasis on varying traits, she is always shown with six eyes on different parts of her anatomy. Prominent Goddess of left-hand  yoga Tantric practice.

White Tara — Weight Loss Through Yoga


The Light Energy Matrix reveals properties common to other energy matrixes. As most easily understood, exemplified by the Sound Energy Matrix—an octave. The seven colors of the spectrum plus the half-notes at the base and top of the range, straddling. The prism separates the essence of the white light into the different wave lengths. The pyramid can be thought of as two prisms, occupying the same space, perpendicular, focusing the mid-range where the yellow sun energy (apogee of the physical) meets the green love energy — the beginning of the Spiritual.

Leaded stained glass by Don Bothell — Weight Loss Through Yoga, Jewel in the Lotus

Leaded stained glass by Don Bothell — Weight Loss Through Yoga, Jewel in the Lotus

If you have read your WEIGHT LOSS THROUGH YOGA, JEWEL IN THE LOTUS, you know the quality that is the nature of the mid-point of the octave. The pyramid is a perfect machine, with no moving parts, filtering for and focusing this quality in perpetuity.


Just as the term implies, self realization is an operation performed by the ‘self’. There is a human tendency to hope for answers and solutions to life’s big questions from the outside. People look to religions, philosophies, science, teachers, and even alien intervention for answers, often hoping for intervention with solutions provided by others. This is a diversion because all the wisdom and answers are within. It is our duty as individuals to sort our experience in the light radiating from our individual being, to organize it into a system of understanding as personal as each of our unique spirits.

Yoga provides the tools to accomplish this most sacred task. To place your understanding in the hands of others is to forfeit your very soul. Your soul can’t be destroyed, but it can be delayed on its journey to the self realization that will be the joyous expression of your complete self wrapped in unimaginable bliss.

Learn yoga, allowing you to do that most pleasurable task — self realization. This is the only true ‘work’, the fruits of which will empower you personally, those you love, and all humankind.




A yoga myth, the Bhagavad Gita lays out the yogic world view, and explains paradox, in the form of a tale of a prince, Arjuna, reluctantly facing battle. A manifestation of the godhead in the form of Krishna, acting as Arjuna’s chariot driver, explains why things appear as they do. Arjuna says to Krishna, “My mind is in confusion because in thy words I find contradictions.”

Yogic understanding of 'paradox' explained in 'Bhagavad Gita' through Krishna and Arjuna

Yogic understanding of ‘paradox’ explained in ‘Bhagavad Gita’ through Krishna and Arjuna

As you become more your self and see through your own eyes, the phenomenon of paradox becomes more prevalent. You exercise free will, but recognize a grand design and destiny. Things are the way they are supposed to be this moment, but they should be better.

This is yoga’s higher level of understanding —paradox. The world is trying to pin things down, but you perceive different strata of reality. Light can be both a wave and a pulse. Yoga reveals different dimensions have different rules. We can live in the same world, the physical universe, but, depending on our level of spiritual development, we experience different realities. Many teachers, Jesus as an example, perform what seem miracles, manifestations of a deeper awareness of the natural order. They tell us this is our birthright, to gain this greater awareness.


Latent Kundalini energy, potent negatively charged apana, reposes in the lowest esoteric center of the body. Pictured as a serpent coiled in the area analogous to the tailbone, it blocks the portal to liberation, the Sushumna.

The yogi entices Kundalini energy up the spine

The yogi entices Kundalini energy up the spine

The sleeping coiled serpent is awakened by the tapas (heat of devotion) of the yogi. The female goddess, in her serpent form, then begins to uncoil opening the door of the channel to the Absolute. The yogi, utilizing the skills learned through much sincere and diligent practice, entices the Kundalini energy up the spine through the Sushumna. Each successive chakra is entered and aroused, provoking full expression of each chakra’s distinctive attributes and further encouraging the ascent, until the crown of the head is pierced and the thousand petal lotus is entered. This is the locus of the static point of the positive, masculine psycho-spiritual energy, the male god, Shiva. This is complete union, the fullest expression of yoga, perfect and unique to yoga. Unlike other spiritual practices, it includes the body. Not only is the mind transcended, the body is illuminated and experienced as the body of the divine. The physical plane is entwined in the higher realms. The ideal of liberation combines with worldly enjoyment.


Many people have told me they are the lightest they’ve ever been, and feel the best they’ve ever felt when they practice yoga. If you do yoga regularly with a group of people, you can watch them transform. This applies both to people who are just starting their practice, and to people who have done yoga for years, who seem to go on to ever-finer levels of beauty. It is not superficial. Rather, it is a peeling away of the meretricious constructs that cover the perfect expression of Divinity that is our true nature.

Good Yoga — Good Health — Good Life

Good Yoga — Good Health — Good Life

If you practice yoga, even without focusing on weight loss, weight loss may occur if your body is carrying extra weight. An extremely thin person may gain weight. Imagine what can happen when we identify and utilize the processes that cause the body to seek its most perfect, natural physical expression? The yogic philosophy has an understanding of our bodies and the universe they inhabit that extends beyond the scope of our current popular science and medicine. We can use these insights to accelerate the realization of our our ideal form. This form is coiled inside each of us, anxiously waiting to be released.


Weight Loss Through Yoga, Jewel in the Lotus  page 162 and 163

DIMENSIONS — Yoga Sheds Light On Dark Matter

Contemporaneous realities can be difficult for many to accept. We’re conditioned to believe we have a firm knowledge of our circumstances.

Astronomers observing the effects of gravity on the universe have concluded they have no idea what comprises 96% of what is out there. Unfortunately, they have chosen to name this unknown ‘dark matter’ and ‘dark energy’—although it has no light or dark qualities at all. What these names signify is that science is in the dark when it comes to knowing what the greater part of creation is, even on the physical plane. The same scientists who hypothesize the most basic unit of creation as infinitesimal vibrations, and feel this is the way it must be because it works out mathematically, admit that there must be at least ten dimensions for their theory to work.

Yoga has always know the physical universe is vibration and offers pathways exploring multi-dimensional existence.

multi-verse — weight loss through yoga

multi-verse — weight loss through yoga


Weight Loss Through Yoga, Jewel in the Lotus        page 10


Guru simply means teacher. The word has gathered baggage in our culture. We’ve all heard stories of teachers who have, to our perception, taken advantage of their followers; cults providing the leader with expensive cars and harems of devotees. Often these seemingly duped followers are made up of the college-educated middle class, with whom we may identify, making these stories more intriguing, mysterious, and perplexing.
Our culture has given us very little meaningful instruction in that most basic of understandings – what is life all about? There are a lot of very unhappy people. When someone comes along who appears to have the answers, it can be very seductive. There are many insights into the human condition in other cultures that may have been overlooked or forgotten by our contemporary society. A charismatic individual, with an admiring group expressing feelings of improvement, can fuel a dynamic.
In the final analysis, if these are capable adults, shouldn’t they be allowed to make their own choses? The question arises though, with materialism and wanton sexuality experientially such a damper on spirituality, what allure do they provide for a supposed spiritual teacher?

Historically acolytes would spend years learning in the presence of the guru. Teaching was passed down orally and conduct taught through example. Buddha’s immediate followers grouped around him from his enlightenment to his death over forty years later. Normally the apprentice shadowed their mentor until they were kicked out of the nest or their guru died.

With the rebirth in the West of interest in spiritual introspection and efforts toward self-realization, the tendency was to copy the guru/disciple model. With the emerging popularity of yoga it seemed everyone was running around looking for a teacher. Some searchers were able to hookup with a guru and become long-term followers. Most seekers would try a teacher or school, feel disillusioned or a need for more, and move on. A form of sampling developed. Taking what one school would offer, but rather than becoming a lifelong devotee, moving on to another discipline. This is a reflection of our modern world with many sources of information, ideas and concepts coalescing from a wide variety of sources, a synergism. The spiritual transformation going on now is occurring very rapidly. Many old souls need only be reminded of learning that took place in past lives. With the world population so great – how close can we be to having everyone who ever lived incarnate at the same time?
A great shift in consciousness is taking place. We’re just passing a crucial point in human history; a balance so decisive as to decide whether mankind continues or topples. Equilibrium is to be restored through the personal efforts of many individual souls.

As an individual, be with the guru within. Listen to your inner understanding as part of the wisdom directing all creation. Hear the voice of that understanding expressed all around you. When attending a yoga class, don’t hold on to the ways you have performed in the past. Give yourself up to the teacher. You already know what you know. Through trust, dare to be fully alive and try other ways. Listen. Listen to the teacher and the world around you – the words of a child, lyrics of a song, the wind rustling the leaves. The Divine is in everything. Living now in each moment, pay attention to all and learn. This is part of awareness. Be aware.
“Be one with the guru, both inner and outer,” and understand one of many attempts to describe the indescribable – Samadhi.