Yoga technique allows direct personal experience of complete SELF. We exist as physical enigma. What animates our chemical and mineral composition into a living being? What intelligence organizes the multitudinous balanced relationships vital to a single cell? A sentient being?

All spiritual traditions assume that the physical body isn’t the only vehicle in which consciousness can express itself or in which the Self or Spirit manifests itself.



In yoga, five sheaths (the five koshas ) are recognized as occluding the pure light of the transcendental SELF.


STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN        II    “Take Your Light From Beneath The Basket”525576_469660079760912_898527108_n-1

Each of us is reading this page, a manifestation of the physical plane, with our eyes that exist at a frequency within the range of vibration that comprises the physical plane. The life force energy that animates the physical body and the mental body exists  at a higher frequency. Thought, assimilating this stimulus, at yet an even finer vibrational level. The unacknowledged natural wisdom that coordinates these functions vibrates at an even higher frequency.

Consisting of a different frequency from the physical senses, the finer wave lengths comprising our ‘Being’ can’t be perceived with those physical sense organs. At an even higher frequency is the sensation of ‘Being’, the joy of existing right next to and feeling the presence of all that is Divine. The Divine is our SELF.

The ‘light’ of Self shines through these concentric layers of ‘Being’ producing the hologram others consider you.