543979_10152405976730551_2105317713_nSit with legs crossed, hold hands in Grounding (Prithvi) Mudra.

Breathe out twice as many counts as you breathe in. Pause briefly (whatever is comfortable) after you inhale. Complete eight cycles of breathing for each center of focus (chakra).

Focus on the perineum—feel grounded. Feel the energy move up to the base of the spine (eight breath cycles)     —feel the color red.

Focus behind the navel (eight breath cycles)—feel orange.

Focus behind the diaphragm (eight breath cycles)—feel yellow. Form the Sun (Surya) Mudra.

Focus at the heart center (eight breath cycles)—feel green. Form Peace (Gyan) Mudra and hold to end of meditation.

Focus on the base of the throat (eight breath cycles)—feel light blue.

Focus behind the brow center (eight breath cycles)—feel indigo blue.

Focus on the crown of the head (eight breath cycles)—feel a skullcap of ultra violet.

Let attention float above the head (eight breath cycles)—feel a thousand-petalled lotus radiating highlights of all the colors.

Open the arms in a wide arc, swinging up to meet in prayer with arms extended overhead.

Place hands in prayer position over the crown of the head with elbows out.

Place hands in prayer position over the Brow Center with elbows together.

Place hands over the Throat Center with elbows wide.

Place hands over Heart Center with elbows relaxed.

Focus on the diaphragm and Breath Center, then move your attention down the spine: the Navel Center, the Sacrum (spine) Center; the region below the perineum.

Picture a shaft of energy extending 40 feet above you, running down through your spine, and then 40 feet below you.

See your heart as the center of this shaft, radiating beautiful green light.

Interact with the world from your heart.

Inhale and slowly voice a long ‘OM’. Do this three times.

Place the hands in prayer over the third eye again and audibly say, “The Divine in me recognizes the Divine in you and in all.”

Place the hands in prayer back over the heart and say, “Namaste.”

Bow forward at the waist.


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