Just as the term implies, self realization is an operation performed by the ‘self’. There is a human tendency to hope for answers and solutions to life’s big questions from the outside. People look to religions, philosophies, science, teachers, and even alien intervention for answers, often hoping for intervention with solutions provided by others. This is a diversion because all the wisdom and answers are within. It is our duty as individuals to sort our experience in the light radiating from our individual being, to organize it into a system of understanding as personal as each of our unique spirits.

Yoga provides the tools to accomplish this most sacred task. To place your understanding in the hands of others is to forfeit your very soul. Your soul can’t be destroyed, but it can be delayed on its journey to the self realization that will be the joyous expression of your complete self wrapped in unimaginable bliss.

Learn yoga, allowing you to do that most pleasurable task — self realization. This is the only true ‘work’, the fruits of which will empower you personally, those you love, and all humankind.



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