Our success as a species is largely due to our intelligence, out capacity for thought. The mind has become very good at what it does. Success has spurred it on to greater aspirations. Now it wonders if it would be better off on its own, and teases itself with notions of a virtual reality. The mind entertains itself with imaginings of ‘everything ‘ just being thought. It forgets the requisite coalescence that allows it to exist, making consciousness and thought possible. To state it mildly, the mind has thought itself into a state of imbalance. Yoga reveres balance.

Yoga Maintains Balance Over the Mind

Yoga Maintains Balance Over the Mind

Yoga reveres balance.




The sheath of the mind, the Manomaya Kosha is often called the mental body. It is the tool consciousness uses to perceive the world. The mind uses the brain to process information and performs at every level of the body. It utilizes the sense organs to gather stimulus and the mind stores and sorts information drawing conclusions.

The intellect’s sense of self, the ‘I” that is the ego (composed of memory, everything you’ve been taught about the world and about yourself) is also within this sheath. The Manomaya Kosha is also the seat of the emotions. The Manomaya Kosha must be tamed to allow you to be at home in the more subtle koshas.

'Beyond Vanity' artist Kate Clark

‘Beyond Vanity’ artist Kate Clark