REFLECTIONS ON DECEMBER 21, 2012 — End of a World (revisited)

There is much discussion, and among some, anxious speculation, about the coming Winter Solstice on December 21, 2012. This is the last date posted on the very accurate Mayan Calendar. I just saw a cartoon with two ancient Mayan stone carvers chipping away at large stone disks and one of them saying — “Well that’s it, I just ran out of room…um, …I wonder if this is gonna freak some people out?”

Among the cycles within cycles: tides, seasons, lifetimes, on a scale small enough to be familiar and universally  accepted, are the less familiar cycles on a stellar scale. Just as our earth circles the sun, the sun is circling the center of our Milky Way Galaxy, which along with the other galaxies, circle that source point all matter and energy are expanding from. Everything is a field of interconnection—what happens somewhere has an affect on everything everywhere.

This is the principle employed through the Zodiac. Within a yearly cycle the earth moves through spheres of influence. Within an approximate 2,000 year cycle, the dominate influence gradually shifts from one of the twelve divisions to the next influence in a clockwise direction. It is why the ancients constructed their early time keeping devices to function clockwise, to reflect these more dominate stellar relationships.

weight loss through yoga, jewel in the lotus —the END is the BEGINNING

weight loss through yoga, jewel in the lotus —the END is the BEGINNING

We are now making one of those 2,000 year shifts, from one designation, the Piscean Age, to the next, the Aquarian Age. As you can picture—this shift is very gradual, and at some point, we are said to have left one field of influence and now be in the next. This is happening very slowly in terms of human time. Because of the gradual nature of this shifting influence, change is also very gradual.

From observation of the influence of Aquarius on yearly cycles, assumptions are made about this ‘New Age’: Awareness of our objective connection with our Divine origins will become universal, dissolving the subjective identification fostering separation and loneliness. Spiritual understanding will erase materialism. Just in time, values will change and our most pressing problems—threatening the very continuation of humanity—will no longer be feed by our fear.

A much larger 26,000 year cycle of our sun’s relationship with the Milly Way is coinciding with an even greater more advantageous alinement of our sun, the Milky Way, and the sacrosanct coalesce of our Divine Source.

In summation: There is going to be change, everything is always changing—natural change—to quote the Beatles, “Everything is getting better.”

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