430909_10200301437563832_475254364_nWe cannot perceive those beings spiritually advanced beyond us, but knowing nature’s tendency to repeat herself, can we draw broad  assumptions? This human ‘father face’ we assign to the Higher Powers is but spiritual shorthand. Mere children spiritually, we use comfortable symbols to express what we intuit. What we consider God, these entities advanced compared to us, are they evolving too? What higher forms constitute their gods? Given what we can see in our small universe, wouldn’t that seem to be the case? One octave flows into another and that into yet another, energy evolving in perpetuity. Creation—ever changing, ever growing in a joyful dance to the Absolute.

There is no reason to reject the myths and language of your upbringing in a false show of sophistication. Embrace them for their power to share. Inspect them for the underlying truths that have become confused over time and telling. Often the opposite of the common interpretation may be real. A great teacher such as Christ tells us he isn’t God, but human like us, his brothers and sisters, who are all children of God—only to have us deify him. Seek and you shall find. So many teachers with so much to illuminate-examine and find truth for yourself.DSC0058web-770x1024

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