Yoga and early Gnostic Christians share the understanding that each individual comes to knowledge of God through direct experience. This is the very essence of the teachings. In Greek ‘Gnosis’ means knowledge. Both teachings also consider reincarnation an obvious truth. For 200 years after Jesus, it is estimated half of the followers of his teachings, Gnostic Christians, believed in reincarnation. The Roman Church, to consolidate power, systematically destroyed chapters of the Bible discussing reincarnation. The modern teaching of Christianity descended from this tradition. Many Christian’s practicing yoga are relearning a direct relationship with God and to only accept as truth what they learn through personal direct experience.

Mary Magdalene/Jesus Christ = Yin/ Yang

Mary Magdalene/Jesus Christ = Yin/ Yang



All is possible.37057_506940386020356_2041903010_nWith an understanding of what is real in the world, knowing your true self, the potential exists for manifesting your compelling desire. Know love deeper than you thought love could ever be. Feel limitless joy and completeness. Vibrate in harmony with the cosmic spheres, feeling the perfection of All.

This is how it is supposed to be, this is your birthright. Do the work with a joyous focus on your goal. The tools are here. The time is now. Relax into that most precious Being — the full expression of your All That Is Divine.



After thousands of years of individuals practicing yoga under the direction of a teacher or guru who would orally pass down the traditions that guru had learned from their own teacher, a basic path was put into writing. Around 200 AD the text, the YOGA SUTRA, appeared. It is attributed to Patanjali, although it might have risen through a group effort. Little is known of its origins. Some consider it a response to the growing popularity of Buddhism to remind spiritual seekers of the reach of yoga beyond what they perceived as the goals of Buddhist teachings.

The YOGA SUTRA describes a basic system for the practice of yoga, an eight-limbed path for fostering connection to the divine.




The chakras are energy centers along the spinal column. When focusing on the chakras, the meditator need not be mentally concerned with exact location. A feel for location develops with practice. The best tool for exploring the chakras is relaxation. Just go to the general place, let go, and simply be. It depends less on ‘doing’ than ‘knowing’, less on ‘knowing’ than ‘feeling’, and less on ‘feeling’ than ‘being’. It can’t be overstated—relax.


Victorious Breath, Ujayi, can be incorporated into asana practice. You breathe so the breath is purposefully audible. The breath resonates in the back of the throat, nose and mouth in such a way as to resemble the sound of waves and wind at an ocean beach. As well as maintaining attention on the breath, Victorious Breath energizes and strengthens the physical body.                                     WEIGHT LOSS THROUGH YOGA, JEWEL IN THE LOTUS     page 114.532105_448470515240599_1744106258_n

YOGA UNDERSTANDS: the Chemistry of Love


Yoga doesn’t disagree with modern Western Science, but has deeper understanding of the natural world.

Yoga teaches the color of the fourth chakra, the Heart Center, is green.

Life on the physical plane, making higher levels of individual consciousness ( LOVE ) possible on earth, draws its energy from the sun. Chlorophyll is the molecule that absorbs sunlight and uses that energy to synthesize carbohydrates from CO2 and water — photosynthesis. The energy of sunlight is transformed into the energy of food. [ In Sanskrit of yoga: ‘anna’ means food, the physical body is the Annamaya Kosha.]

Chlorophyll, a photoreceptor found in the chloroplasts of green plants , obtains energy from red and blue parts of the spectrum and reflects the unused green wave lengths — making green plants green.

The chemistry is a reaction between carbon dioxide and water with sunlight as the catalyst. This produces glucose and a waste product — oxygen. The green plant can use the glucose sugar as energy or polymer it to store as starch.

6CO2 + 6H2O     > chlorophyll & sunlight >     C6 H12 O6     +     6O2      (glucose + oxygen)

The waste oxygen is used by plants and animals for respiration. All animals are dependent on plants, through the food chain, for sustenance.

weight loss through yoga, jewel in the lotus

weight loss through yoga, jewel in the lotus




Many people have told me they are the lightest they’ve ever been, and feel the best they’ve ever felt when they practice yoga. If you do yoga regularly with a group of people, you can watch them transform. This applies both to people who are just starting their practice, and to people who have done yoga for years, who seem to go on to ever-finer levels of beauty. It is not superficial. Rather, it is a peeling away of the meretricious constructs that cover the perfect expression of Divinity that is our true nature.


Our success as a species is largely due to our intelligence, out capacity for thought. The mind has become very good at what it does. Success has spurred it on to greater aspirations. Now it wonders if it would be better off on its own, and teases itself with notions of a virtual reality. The mind entertains itself with imaginings of ‘everything ‘ just being thought. It forgets the requisite coalescence that allows it to exist, making consciousness and thought possible. To state it mildly, the mind has thought itself into a state of imbalance. Yoga reveres balance.

Yoga Maintains Balance Over the Mind

Yoga Maintains Balance Over the Mind

Yoga reveres balance.


65622_10151690193831328_1331191474_nIn the lower core of the body, between the anus and the navel, a unique form of pranic energy,’apana’ in Sanskrit, is found. It is concerned with the assimilation of food, waste removal, and sexual function. Apana is also the energy that pushes us out of the womb during birth and is often referred to as pelvic prana. Apana is involved with material existence, but carries the latent potential to transform into spiritual energy.

When we focus our attention on an area of the body, we energize the object of our attention. ENERGY FOLLOWS ATTENTION.