The Light Energy Matrix reveals properties common to other energy matrixes. As most easily understood, exemplified by the Sound Energy Matrix—an octave. The seven colors of the spectrum plus the half-notes at the base and top of the range, straddling. The prism separates the essence of the white light into the different wave lengths. The pyramid can be thought of as two prisms, occupying the same space, perpendicular, focusing the mid-range where the yellow sun energy (apogee of the physical) meets the green love energy — the beginning of the Spiritual.

Leaded stained glass by Don Bothell — Weight Loss Through Yoga, Jewel in the Lotus

Leaded stained glass by Don Bothell — Weight Loss Through Yoga, Jewel in the Lotus

If you have read your WEIGHT LOSS THROUGH YOGA, JEWEL IN THE LOTUS, you know the quality that is the nature of the mid-point of the octave. The pyramid is a perfect machine, with no moving parts, filtering for and focusing this quality in perpetuity.


The physical body is the temple of the soul. It houses organs that make it possible for consciousness to exist on the physical plane. It deserves care and respect. The reasons for being on the physical plane are the lessons that can only be learned in this in this material form.


Just as the term implies, self realization is an operation performed by the ‘self’. There is a human tendency to hope for answers and solutions to life’s big questions from the outside. People look to religions, philosophies, science, teachers, and even alien intervention for answers, often hoping for intervention with solutions provided by others. This is a diversion because all the wisdom and answers are within. It is our duty as individuals to sort our experience in the light radiating from our individual being, to organize it into a system of understanding as personal as each of our unique spirits.

Yoga provides the tools to accomplish this most sacred task. To place your understanding in the hands of others is to forfeit your very soul. Your soul can’t be destroyed, but it can be delayed on its journey to the self realization that will be the joyous expression of your complete self wrapped in unimaginable bliss.

Learn yoga, allowing you to do that most pleasurable task — self realization. This is the only true ‘work’, the fruits of which will empower you personally, those you love, and all humankind.




Camel Posture

Camel Posture

The fourth, or heart chakra’s, color is a beautiful chlorophyll green and its element is air. The lower three chakras are the material universe and the fourth chakra is the transition point to our divine spiritual manifestation. The heart chakra is the point of transition and the upper three chakras are the higher, or spiritual, centers. The ascending line of energy through the Sushumna  parallels the evolutionary ascent of humankind from animal to spiritual being. A horizontal line, the point of transition, forms a cross. This is the symbol of the fourth chakra. The teachings of Jesus are fourth chakra teachings. “…And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.” The Beatles’ “All You Need Is Love” is also an expression of fourth chakra teaching. Astrology, based on observations of earth in relationship to its slowly changing stellar influences, divided earthly time into two thousand year segments, or ages. We are now leaving the segment when the teachings of Jesus were to manifest as the prevailing order. This era, the Piscean Age, shares with Jesus the symbol of the fish. The new age we’re starting to enter is the Aquarian Age, the age of understanding. If we can just get our tails over the fence, we will begin to share the promise of the miracles Jesus taught are our birthright. Weight Loss Through Yoga, Jewel in the Lotus        page 62


A yoga myth, the Bhagavad Gita lays out the yogic world view, and explains paradox, in the form of a tale of a prince, Arjuna, reluctantly facing battle. A manifestation of the godhead in the form of Krishna, acting as Arjuna’s chariot driver, explains why things appear as they do. Arjuna says to Krishna, “My mind is in confusion because in thy words I find contradictions.”

Yogic understanding of 'paradox' explained in 'Bhagavad Gita' through Krishna and Arjuna

Yogic understanding of ‘paradox’ explained in ‘Bhagavad Gita’ through Krishna and Arjuna

As you become more your self and see through your own eyes, the phenomenon of paradox becomes more prevalent. You exercise free will, but recognize a grand design and destiny. Things are the way they are supposed to be this moment, but they should be better.

This is yoga’s higher level of understanding —paradox. The world is trying to pin things down, but you perceive different strata of reality. Light can be both a wave and a pulse. Yoga reveals different dimensions have different rules. We can live in the same world, the physical universe, but, depending on our level of spiritual development, we experience different realities. Many teachers, Jesus as an example, perform what seem miracles, manifestations of a deeper awareness of the natural order. They tell us this is our birthright, to gain this greater awareness.


THE CHAKRAS ARE UNIQUE AND NEED TO BE DIRECTLY OBSERVED BY EACH INDIVIDUAL MEDITATOR. They may be experienced differently at different times and many descriptions of their nature have resulted. A popular view from the Hindu tradition is that each resembles a lotus flower, with different chakras composed of varying numbers of petals. Each energy center might appear as a world or reality unto itself with its own rules and setting. Observing the function of the chakras, they can each be seen as a vortex of energy, like a cyclone. The vortex of the first chakra spins clockwise, the second, counterclockwise, and the third, clockwise. The direction of spin alternates as the spine is ascended. As the meditator becomes more at home within their chakra awareness, they notice qualities inherent to the direction of spin. The clockwise spinning chakras are dynamic in the sense they tend to project out into reality, like the sexual nature of the first chakra, the expulsion of breath of the third chakra, speaking at the fifth chakra and so on. For this reason, they are thought of as having more masculine traits. The counterclockwise chakras are more receiving, like the nourishment received from the mother through the umbilical cord at the navel chakra, the love received through the heart chakra, and the stimulus received by the third eye. These chakras are thought of as being more feminine in nature.


Latent Kundalini energy, potent negatively charged apana, reposes in the lowest esoteric center of the body. Pictured as a serpent coiled in the area analogous to the tailbone, it blocks the portal to liberation, the Sushumna.

The yogi entices Kundalini energy up the spine

The yogi entices Kundalini energy up the spine

The sleeping coiled serpent is awakened by the tapas (heat of devotion) of the yogi. The female goddess, in her serpent form, then begins to uncoil opening the door of the channel to the Absolute. The yogi, utilizing the skills learned through much sincere and diligent practice, entices the Kundalini energy up the spine through the Sushumna. Each successive chakra is entered and aroused, provoking full expression of each chakra’s distinctive attributes and further encouraging the ascent, until the crown of the head is pierced and the thousand petal lotus is entered. This is the locus of the static point of the positive, masculine psycho-spiritual energy, the male god, Shiva. This is complete union, the fullest expression of yoga, perfect and unique to yoga. Unlike other spiritual practices, it includes the body. Not only is the mind transcended, the body is illuminated and experienced as the body of the divine. The physical plane is entwined in the higher realms. The ideal of liberation combines with worldly enjoyment.