Latent Kundalini energy, potent negatively charged apana, reposes in the lowest esoteric center of the body. Pictured as a serpent coiled in the area analogous to the tailbone, it blocks the portal to liberation, the Sushumna.

The yogi entices Kundalini energy up the spine

The yogi entices Kundalini energy up the spine

The sleeping coiled serpent is awakened by the tapas (heat of devotion) of the yogi. The female goddess, in her serpent form, then begins to uncoil opening the door of the channel to the Absolute. The yogi, utilizing the skills learned through much sincere and diligent practice, entices the Kundalini energy up the spine through the Sushumna. Each successive chakra is entered and aroused, provoking full expression of each chakra’s distinctive attributes and further encouraging the ascent, until the crown of the head is pierced and the thousand petal lotus is entered. This is the locus of the static point of the positive, masculine psycho-spiritual energy, the male god, Shiva. This is complete union, the fullest expression of yoga, perfect and unique to yoga. Unlike other spiritual practices, it includes the body. Not only is the mind transcended, the body is illuminated and experienced as the body of the divine. The physical plane is entwined in the higher realms. The ideal of liberation combines with worldly enjoyment.


Up the chakra spectrum of ever finer vibration to the ultra violet ‘crown’, where further release is granted as grace. The ultra violet frequency keeps increasing, burning away the last vestiges of the material dimension, till the soul is in perfect harmony.10001297_677935695600808_1002262683_n

Those who feel this bliss of pure spirit are CHOSEN.


Many people have told me they are the lightest they’ve ever been, and feel the best they’ve ever felt when they practice yoga. If you do yoga regularly with a group of people, you can watch them transform. This applies both to people who are just starting their practice, and to people who have done yoga for years, who seem to go on to ever-finer levels of beauty. It is not superficial. Rather, it is a peeling away of the meretricious constructs that cover the perfect expression of Divinity that is our true nature.

Good Yoga — Good Health — Good Life

Good Yoga — Good Health — Good Life

If you practice yoga, even without focusing on weight loss, weight loss may occur if your body is carrying extra weight. An extremely thin person may gain weight. Imagine what can happen when we identify and utilize the processes that cause the body to seek its most perfect, natural physical expression? The yogic philosophy has an understanding of our bodies and the universe they inhabit that extends beyond the scope of our current popular science and medicine. We can use these insights to accelerate the realization of our our ideal form. This form is coiled inside each of us, anxiously waiting to be released.


Weight Loss Through Yoga, Jewel in the Lotus  page 162 and 163


This time last year, two friends and I where getting ready for a trek in the Himalayas. Oct. to Nov. is considered a sweet spot between the monsoon and the snows. The air is clearest, none of the haze common in Spring. The Himalayas are the spiritual center for traditional Eastern teachings. I had the pleasure of washing my spirit in the icy waters both Buddhists and Hindus agree are the origin of Holy Mother Ganges, spitting from 108 brass cow heads in the desert alpine village of Muktuena in Nepal The pure white of the surrounding snows mirroring the clear silence of my peaceful soul.10653653_535975129882485_7140998959927369161_n

Tomorrow I’m leaving for a month in Europe. A personal quest to sites honoring the 11th century Cathars. I’m visiting sites where they were burned in southern France — a homage to the sincerity of their conviction — that man can, with work and steadfastness, climb out of the darkness and into the white light of spiritual completeness — perfection — as our divine birthright. [Posted two years ago]


SO HIGH, SOMETIMES IT’S HARD TO BREATHE… Sometimes you have to walk very slow and occasionally stop to catch your breath. OH! THE BEAUTY…  Surely, LOVE IS ALL!


October — November 2013

Trekking the Annapurna Circuit, Nepal. A subset of the Himalayas, you feel ‘High’ is really a high, and closer to God.

time… Time… TIME NOW

Since trekking the Anapurna Circuit in the Himalayas two years ago, a major earthquake has destroyed much of our route and last fall over 60 people were killed in a snow storm crossing a 17,200 ft. pass, the same day we crossed, one year later. It reminds me of the fleeting nature of this incarnation, the mountains, the earth, galaxy, universe. Yet consciousness is here now… eternal now.10653653_535975129882485_7140998959927369161_n

HIGHER time… Time… TIME

DSCN0091My dear friend and climbing buddy Steve passed away recently and I’m thinking of the adventures we shared. I miss our conversations honoring our dogged persistence. I feel he made it to a summit first, where we, his friends, will join him soon and we’ll celebrate the climb. Time will surely yield to Now.