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SHAKTI AND SHIVA — Myth explaining KOSHAS (5 sheaths of Being)

Individual consciousness and cosmic consciousness are one, separated by subjectivity. Humans have evolved to be capable of understanding beyond sensory perception for spiritual growth.




Consciousness is purusa, unchanging. In order to exist as a material life form it must combine with matter that is always changing, prakriti. This is a paradox. The Hindu yogic tradition uses the MYTH of SHIVA and SHAKTI to explain.

RETURN (A REMINDER… MY CUP RUNS OVER) reprinted from. Nov 2, 2013


Nepal is a wonderfully beautiful and spiritual country. Every time you look around, the beauty is so varied and overwhelming. The people of the countryside live so simply, with such joy. While they may not have the options we take for granted, they share a much greater portion of themselves with their divine presence and joy of being is clearly a large part of their lives. May I use their example to enrich my appreciation.734322_292470130876497_1531336399_n

Although I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death,

I fear no evil.

A rod and staff comfort me.

I’m led to green pastures,

allowed to lay down beside still waters.

A place is made for me among my enemies.

My cup runs over anointing my being11900_619332048096187_971554895_n.

Surely, goodness and mercy shall follow me

for all of the days of my life

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weight loss through yoga

weight loss through yoga

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