314769_290952191028285_1256775752_nWe feel those efforts being watched from above. That attention is followed up the spine to its apex behind the eyes, to the third eye, seat of consciousness, observing all whether awake or asleep. Seeing not just what’s going on, but what is behind what is happening; not only what we do, but the thoughts and motivations that direct our acts. A coincidence, the homonym ‘I’ and ‘eye’?

Awareness, ever vigilant, where to hide from God (from our self) with every act and thought observed? Take a moment to be aware of the tone, the vibration that has followed your awareness up the spine, getting ever higher in pitch. Glance down the back to the starting point and experience the energy flowing upward with the awareness. The sixth dimension, the pinnacle of the intellect, summit of human experience, cusp of the physical plane. Each level of our development has its own seductiveness and we must not become too enthralled with the illusion of our own cleverness. The siren of the intellect prompts the mystical concern that we can be trapped at the crown of our narcissism, the sixth chakra.306706_266721590118018_1272658947_n


379177_384153358348287_1306741558_nKnowing the true origin of all good, effort becomes efficient as the illusions of human politics are exposed. Many paths, some more appropriate to each individual’s circumstance, offer real freedom. Any situation can be utilized. No sadness, because all souls return eventually to their source. No status, no competition. When compared to the backdrop of infinity, we’re only beginning. Ultimate love, where everyone makes it, no one is lost, all come home. What we’d deemed sin is mere dallying on the way. Our efforts are less important than the sincerity with which they are performed.67922_471113726285693_1174051803_n


559977_207253539414885_561017467_nAt times we feel things are right, somehow connected and positive. At other times in our wandering, we have a sense of aloneness and feel out of sync and disconnected. It is as if a beam were shinning down and we feel love when we’re in its warmth, and loss when we’re outside its light. The soul, traveling through its incarnations, circles ever further from its point of origin. As it gets closer to the source of the beam, the beam narrows and gets more dense. The distinction between being ‘in’ and ‘out’ becomes greater. The traveler no longer circles randomly, but through trial and error finds direction. With intent, a crossroads in development of the soul is reached. The Godhead is actively sought. God, divided into innumerable fragments, formed our existence. God, a part of everything. Now a piece of that everything discovers God in itself and seeks its way back to the whole.

Numerous lifetimes of searching and we locate the exact direction to the source. No longer weaving ‘in’ and ‘out’ we have direction and look out of the heart center up the spine to a star shinning bright, guiding us as the Three Wise Men of biblical myth were guided to an incarnation of the Godhead extant on the physical plane. Visualize that star behind the throat. “I Am” — the word, the way, the path. Effort is made to draw closer to the source of all pleasure, understanding and meaning. Other worldly pursuits aren’t abandoned, but are now seen as tools for learning lessons that will help us draw closer.DSC0073web

DIMENSIONS — Yoga Sheds Light On Dark Matter

Contemporaneous realities can be difficult for many to accept. We’re conditioned to believe we have a firm knowledge of our circumstances.

Astronomers observing the effects of gravity on the universe have concluded they have no idea what comprises 96% of what is out there. Unfortunately, they have chosen to name this unknown ‘dark matter’ and ‘dark energy’—although it has no light or dark qualities at all. What these names signify is that science is in the dark when it comes to knowing what the greater part of creation is, even on the physical plane. The same scientists who hypothesize the most basic unit of creation as infinitesimal vibrations, and feel this is the way it must be because it works out mathematically, admit that there must be at least ten dimensions for their theory to work.

Yoga has always know the physical universe is vibration and offers pathways exploring multi-dimensional existence.

multi-verse — weight loss through yoga

multi-verse — weight loss through yoga


Weight Loss Through Yoga, Jewel in the Lotus        page 10


INEFFABLE SELF — Weight Loss Through Yoga, Jewel in the Lotus

INEFFABLE SELF — Weight Loss Through Yoga, Jewel in the Lotus

It”s our nature to think we have a handle on reality. Our relatively recent ancestors, who thought illness could be cured with bleeding and the earth was flat, felt the same way. We have made comparative  strides in understanding aspects of the dimension we consider home, the physical universe. Rather than having it figured out, we’re made to realize: the more we learn, the more there is to learn.

Instead of seeking greater knowledge, we would gain more by seeking balance and coherence with what we already know. Things are a terrible mess. We know better, but continue to kill each other, destroy our mother planet and rob the future. We consider ourselves advanced in comparison to our forefathers? What is growing fastest is our potential to do harm. We’re all living lives so mundane as to be an insult to our children and those we claim to love.

We look to religion and leaders to provide solutions—so we can avoid the responsibility of doing the necessary work ourselves. Are you to muddle through this lifetime, the very shallowness of your existence an example to others?

You are this very moment part of an unimaginable rich presence. I say ‘you’ because you chose to think of yourself as that valuable, but minute, ego; a creature of the physical universe. You are a multi-dimensional being. The answers to ‘All’ exist within you—the complete You. It takes vision and commitment to set aside the illusion. It takes effort and it takes time. It takes courage.

There is a way, a clear path to your complete self, and a road map for that journey is offered in this book: Weight Loss Through Yoga, Jewel in the Lotus. This is a challenge! Take this opportunity to examine the book. Everything else you do pales in importance. Walk the path of transformation and fulfill the promise that is your birthright—now!

OUR BEAUTIFUL HOME ON THE PHYSICAL PLANE — Weight Loss Through Yoga, Jewel in the Lotus

OUR BEAUTIFUL HOME ON THE PHYSICAL PLANE — Weight Loss Through Yoga, Jewel in the Lotus


67942_10151147811016430_1600453385_nSo, while Tantra is associated with sexuality, it is essentially a merging with oneness, using the physical plane as a launch pad. We create our own reality says Tantra, and this reality can be in the here and now–in the body through Tantric orgasm. While it is possible to study Tantra for years, learning technique, meditations, and nuances, of the Tantric lifestyle, the very essence of Tantra assumes you already have all the knowledge to become enlightened immediately. DO IT NOW! Life wasn’t meant to be a struggle.

Simply available as a path to experience full enlightenment, Tantra does’t ask you to believe in anything. In fact, it says let go of all belief systems. Seek out a teacher that can guide you through the essential experience. In the experience itself you will discover your oneness with the universe.

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DSC0080-webTantra, the art of spiritualising your sexuality, offers practical tools to transmute fear and attachment into love and universal power. Jealousy, possessiveness, guilt and other negative emotions that drain your life-force energy, drop away.

While most fundamentalist religions—even Eastern, Moslem and Christian philosophies focus on the elimination of sensual pleasures, Tantra welcomes the full expression of body pleasure, recognizing that in the body is hidden the “bodiless,” or the spiritual. The body is only layers of invisible energy in form, and it can all be awakened if we let go of the sexual energy.

The art of Tantra should not be mistaken for material hedonism. Perhaps it could be called “spiritual hedonism,” which says, eat, drink and be merry, but with full awareness.” Remain awake as you enter into sex before the old habits come and take over. Just remain conscious of the energy. Tantra says Yes! to sex, Yes! to love, and Yes! Yes! Yes! to unconditional love.

If you can learn to be conscious of the body and the breath, you can become conscious of the Universe. What Buddha said can be said of Tantra, “The truth of the Universe can only be realized within the framework of the physical body.”


309828_399191510166651_1556835886_nThe physical universe is so huge and vast, of which we know so little, but have the audacity to reduce in our minds to three dimensions: length, depth, and height. Simplistic conceptions are even more impaired attempting to explain the spiritual. Observing this physical plane and pausing to reflect on the wonder of the realm we inhabit, take a slow breath through the nose, counting to four as you inhale. Hold that breath for two counts of eight and then exhale to a count of eight. Ponder the Biblical expression, “God so loved the world that he sent his son”; translated, the spiritual placed itself in a physical form so as to be able to experience this amazing physical universe. When each child takes its first breath, a soul enters that body to utilize for a lifetime as a vehicle to experience the physical plane. Forced head first into the world by the contractions of the birth canal, the newborn is lifted by its mother to her breast over the heart center.DSC0005web

Relax your breathing to its natural pattern, watching the young mother gazing down on the child suckling at her breast while the infant’s hands idly grasp, feeling her hair. Experience love, the rhythm of the mothers heart beating through its four chambers. The cross, mystic symbol representing ‘four’, a crossroads. Time, the fourth dimension, carries the being through the experience of human love: mother, father, siblings, family, a warm puppy, a close friend. A crossroads is reached, emotion in an even higher form: Awareness of God. With birth the individual travels outward through time from its starting point, in ever expanding circles of experience.734322_292470130876497_1531336399_n




Sun — center of our universe, source of the energy that supports life on earth. The imagination floats up from the sun, out through the solar system, passing each planet in turn. Up ever further until we see the sun as only another star in a constellation of stars. Then the constellation recedes until it appears no more than a spot of light among billions of lights forming the Milky Way. Further out, until the galaxy appears but a tiny star among trillions of other galaxies, then outward to the edge of our universe. Looked at from the side, it looks like a little loop of energy.

Back down to earth, we return with the speed of thought. Behind the diaphragm, our lily gently rocks on the water under the warmth of the sun. Dragonflies dart by, birds sing, and fish swim below the surface. What an amazing world. Attention microscopes down to a lotus petal. Down to the individual cells. Down further to the molecules making up the cell, then the atoms forming the molecules. Further down to the electrons, protons, and neutrons that comprise the atom. On down to the quarks that are the building blocks of the protons and neutrons. At this minute level, the distance between the matter that forms the subatomic particles is so great that it is, in its own scale, as great as the distance between the stars in the heavens. Our physical universe is mostly energy with very little matter. Further yet our imagination carries us, till we see what comprises the quarks, looked at from the side, little loops of energy.




522529_279120852191180_1202913849_nSimultaneously, the stem shaft of our plant breaks the surface of the water, basking in the warm orange light of the sun as it filters through the dawn atmosphere above. The plant stem opens, releasing two beautiful leaves that rest and bob on the water in the warm sunlight like the leaves of a lily. The water gently rocks the lotus leaves. The water below, the sky above. The vagina contracts, savoring more stimulation, causing the penis to throb with increased feeling. The vagina contracts in response, the penis swelling again with its good fortune. The two work together and against each other behind the navel, contracting and expanding. Duality exists in all its forms of expression: in and out; soft and hard; male and female; the relationship represented by the yin yang and either/or thinking. The one is made aware of itself through interaction with the other.

Sexual yearning intensifies; the waves undulate, rocking our lily. A carnal exclamation rises from the soul. All is beautiful lust as a tidal wave of passion breaks. The vagina pulls all creation in as the penis explodes, bursting with ecstasy. The union is complete. The two become three as great spurts of sperm splash mixing with the orgasmic cervical secretions and a wondrous blossom opens. A lovely lotus flower with a thousand white petals holds its face up to the sun. The sun looks down on the lily with warm rapture and the lotus follows the suns nurturing rays back to their source above and behind the diaphragm.